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Gleen Clean - Clean Green with Gleen Cloth and the Power of Water!
GLEEN combined with the power of WATER safely and effectively cleans hundreds of surfaces. This unique cloth effortlessly cleans windows, mirrors, granite countertops and more with only water for a STREAK FREE FINISH!
GLEEN is designed to work in your environment and protect ours. Get rid of harsh chemicals, unwanted toxins and make a difference with Earth friendly cleaning. This multi surface green cleaning solution nurtures healthy living with a nontoxic method that provides a safer environment inside and out. There are absolutely no chemicals in the GLEEN cloth; it is the unique fiber technology that makes this product completely friendly and chemical-free. Utilizing only the natural force of water, this cloth aggressively weakens and traps grime for the ultimate in a multi-purpose clean. Completely machine washable, use this cloth over and over again to reduce waste.        
The GLEEN cloth is without a doubt the best and most economical way to clean windows, mirrors, counter tops, bathroom fixtures, tubs, tile and so much more.
The GLEEN S-Cloth has been developed for stainless and chrome surfaces. It is a charcoal color with just a bit more "umph".  It is great for all non-glass surfaces as well. 
The Scrubby is made from recycled soda bottles on one side and our famous GLEEN cloth on the other.  GLEEN Scrubby, the power of two surfaces packed into one pad. It is perfect for cleaning dishes, surfaces that have a dirt build up, great in the bathroom and all over the house. It is safe to use on every surface in your home without scratching.
GLEEN Organic Sanitizer is your 1st choice to sanitize countertops, bathrooms, door handles, and hundreds of other surfaces safely, effectively and without chemicals.  GLEEN Organic Sanitizer uses naturally occurring protease enzymes to breakdown mold, infectious bacteria, and virus germs and their food source. It is an all natural 100% safe plant-based multi-enzyme hygienic cleaner.  Uses only 1/2 oz. to a 32 oz. spray bottle of water!
Non-Toxic   Non-Caustic   Non-Hazardous   Non-Flammable
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